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Stereoskop digunakan secara meluas di dalam Penderiaan jauh dan Pentafsiran Imej.Pandangan 3D boleh didapati menerusi alat ini. Pandangan tiga dimensi dari hasil pengamatan stereoskop ini muncul dalam otak sebagai akibat adanya paduan dua gambar dengan sudut pandangan yang berbeza.
       Melalui stereoskop ini, objek-objek yang terdapat pada kawasan tampalan foto akan nampak seperti gambar tiga dimensi yang dapat diukur ketinggian atau kedalaman objek tersebut.
Bahagian – bahagian dari stereoskop ini meliputi lensa cembung, sepasang prisma/cermin, cermin perak, tiang penyangga, lensa binokular.
       Kelebihan dari stereoskop ini adalah dapat melakukan pembesaran dengan penambahan lensa binokular, kawasan yang diamati lebih luas daripada stereoskop saku, dan dapat memberikan satu foto udara secara penuh.

stereoskop saku

MISA Digital Guitar 

The Misa digital guitar is an experimental new instrument, similar to an electric guitar in shape, but with an interface designed to easily and intuitively control digital audio.
The center of the guitar is replaced by an 8.4-inch 800-by-600-pixel resolution LCD touchpad. On the Misa you strike the pad to hit the notes instead of strings.

  • touchpad controls :
  • digitiser filter
  • note velocity
  • pitch


The SmartFaucet by iHouse is highly convenient due to its characteristics: it has a face recognition technology. The essence of this technology is the following: the camera recognizes you and the faucet remembers different temperature settings for each member of your family and automatically adjusts the temperature of the water to the preferred level. The water is heated with a built-in internal heating coil, and, moreover, there are LEDs which change the color of the water from blue to red to show its temperature.

Additionally, a completely new feature, the users will have the access to their e-mail. There is a touchscreen display on the faucet which enables you to check your calendar, e-mail and the outside temperature.

Light Touch Projector 

The light touch is an one of the most popular latest technology based effective or interactive projector that immediately transforms any type of different-different flat surface into a touchscreen. There are lots of similar high tech gadgets so which arrive in amazing look and features just like its adopts the holographic laser projection technology. 

The light touch uses a alike precept based on infrared beams to monitor the position of our hands to convert the image projected onto a multi touch surface. The little all-in-one connectivity comes standard wi-fi b/g with sustain wep/wpa2 and 2gb internal reminiscence, thanks to its expandable card slot micro sd.

Having regard to the operation of other pointing devices, using both laser and infrared light to detect hand movements.

Solar tent 

This synthetic fabric captures solar energy and converts it into power for your gadgets. The main solar panel’s move throughout the day to capture the sun’s energy and are connected to a wireless control hub where energy information is displayed.

The hub also controls the temperature of the tent and provides wireless Internet access. The groundsheet is fitted with a heating element to keep you cosy and warm on even the coldest night. It also has “glo-cation” technology installed which helps you to find your tent even on the darkest of nights.

Livescribe pen 

The Livescribe pen is basically a digital pen with a small computer, a microphone and a digital audio recorder. The pen records what you write on special paper and play the notes synchronized with recorded audio.
Listen to what a teacher says, when he made a particular note, all you need to do in order to take notes with the stylus to hear this section of the conference again.
“Smartpen have been an excellent tool for students who have difficulty with accurate,” said Steve Kovach, editor of gadget, “This is probably the best way to ensure you never miss anything while you are busy doodling in class.”


The Gota Dishwasher is a small worktop dishwasher for the kitchen. It’s great for people who have small kitchens and don’t have the space for a full-sized dishwasher. The Gota Dishwasher was designed by Ibsen Caldas. The small dishwasher is made from ABS polycarbonate and cleverly uses a water tank to efficiently use water.

Using a pre-wash, the Gota Dishwasher steams up the dishes and then saves the water for use later in subsequent steam cycles. The Gota Dishwasher can hold up to 6 plates and 6 glasses along with cutlery.

Maptor is A Gadget That Combines Map and Projector

When you are navigating through a paper map, the most annoying and inconvenient issue you might have noticed is to unfolding and refolding it. Moreover, it is also difficult to pinpoint your exact location on a  paper map . Maptor is a compact and stylish concept device that will resolve these problems in an innovative way. You can download a map on this device and it will let you project the map onto any flat surface such as wall, ground or even on your hand. Moreover, this device includes a GPS that will indicate your exact location on the map.

The Ultimate Alarm Clock

We all have a hard time getting out of bed when our clocks are active. And the snooze button is your best friend to help in the ideal case, they are behind in class or in a hurry.
The alarm of the flight can start on time – no snooze button is included.
If the alarm is based on the cost of the air propeller sounds and flies into the air. The only way to turn off the alarm, it is to jump out of bed, find the flight up and back at the base of the clock.
“If you are late to class very much because you press the snooze button too much, spend the time of awakening is probably the best choice,” he advised Kovach. “There are several variants, which literally flee from you.”

Document Extractor – Combi Monitor

Saving space on the desk has always been a problem for some and to solve this issue Byeong Min Choe has come up with a marvelous idea of combining a printer and a monitor.

Door Handle With Self-sterilization System